Good Doctors Foundation
Our mission is to support and assist patients and their families served in the central Virginia community through their medical journeys and across various disease continuums who are in need of healthcare education, supplies, services, and resources.
P.O. Box 1120 Ashland, VA, 23005 US
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Our grant making services are handled by the Good Doctors Foundation in Richmond. Applicants are nominated by their Social Workers or Healthcare Providers. Completed grant applications are reviewed by the Good Doctors Foundation grant committee. Incomplete applications are deferred pending completion of information requested.

Who is eligible?

To be considered for a grant, the patient must:

  • Be a patient who is currently receiving treatment in, or residing in, the Central Virginia area.
  • Be able to demonstrate financial hardship clearly as a result of the illness.
What expenses are covered?

Healthcare related expenses not covered by insurance or other available funding sources, such as:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Medications
  • Housing to receive treatment
  • Transportation (bus, cab, automobile)
  • Medical equipment

The Foundation does not cover:

  • Payment of medical bills and or hospital bills
  • Payments to physicians
  • Payment of ambulance services
How much should I ask for?

Currently, a maximum of $750.00 may be requested.

What is the review process?

First, the Good Doctors Foundation review committee will review your grant application carefully. They may call with questions or request additional information. Completed applications will be submitted to the Foundation’s review committee.

If a grant is awarded, your Social Worker or Medical Provider will be notified and they will notify you. Based on the payment information provided in your application, checks will be mailed directly to the expense provider. Grant checks cannot be mailed directly to applicants or individuals. As part of the general review assessment, we may also consult specialists and other agencies active in the medical specialty of your medical condition.

How do I submit an application?

Please return completed application by mail to:

Good Doctors Foundation
P.O. Box 1120
Ashland, VA 23005

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 804-277-9358